Blog October 21st – Risen! The Musical -Is there a conflict between Science and Christianity ?” Part 9

“Give Us Your Heart Lord” – featuring The London Touring Cast – Risen! The Musical – New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

“Don’t be ashamed of Jesus” – featuring the Mustard Seed Soul Band from the album ” His Story.”  Recorded by Ross Gill

I would like to continue to address the question of whether or not there is a conflict between Science and Christianity via the series “God Is” in “The Word for Today” written by Bob and Debbie Gass and published by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB.)

Contrary to what we have been led to believe science and Scripture aren’t necessarily opposed. The ranks of Bible believing scientists have grown rapidly since the discovery of quantum physics, which demonstrates the amazing symmetry and order that make up the universe. Did you realise that one of the most brilliant scientific books or our time was written by no less than sixty notable scientists including twenty four Nobel Prize winners? The book’s title is Cosmos, Bios, Theos which means Universe, Life and God. And one of the contributing authors, Yale physicist Professor Henry Margenau concludes . “There’s only one convincing answer for the intricate laws that exist in nature. And what does this brilliant man think it is? Evolution? Coincidence? Happenstance? No? Margenau believes that “creation is by an omnipotent God” So to believe in God is to believe in science and the infallible Word of God.”

Well its half term for many people so “Happy Holidays” from all at Mustard Seed Songs and Risen! The Musical