Blog November 3rd – Risen! The Musical -Is there a conflict between Science and Christianity ?” Part 11

Jesus is welcomed as He enters Jerusalem – Risen! The Musical featuring the London Touring Cast – New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Do I Need To Worship? featuring the Mustard Seed Soul Band from the albums “Heart and Soul” and “His Story” recorded by Ross Gill

I continue to address the question of whether or not there is a conflict between Science and Christianity via extracts from the series “God Is” in “The Word for Today” written by Bob and Debbie Gass and published by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB.)

Here’s an amazing thing: without the moon it would be impossible for us to live on this planet. And if anyone ever succeeded in deflecting the moon from its orbit, all life would cease. It acts like a maid to clean up the oceans and shores. Without the tides created by the moon our harbours and shores would become one big stench pool of rubbish and it would be impossible to live anywhere near them. Because of the tides continuous waves break upon the shores of the ocean, aerating the waters of the planet and providing oxygen for plankton, the very foundation of our food chain. Without plankton there would be no oxygen and all life would end. God is a creative genius isn’t He? He made the moon the right size and placed it the right distance from the earth to create the exact atmosphere we need. We live within a great ocean of air- 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen. These elements are continuously mixed by the tidal effect of the moon on the atmosphere. This has the same effect it has upon the seas and always provides the same proportion of oxygen. Though we keep dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere it’s absorbed into the ocean and we are able to continue to live. If the atmosphere wasn’t as thick as it is we’d be crushed by billions of pieces of cosmic debris and meteorites that fall continuously on our planet. Who takes good care of you – God and aren’t you glad He is on the job twenty four seven?

Instead of all this happening by chance, as I said last week surely it takes less faith to believe that our world was created for us by a loving and caring intelligent designer- God