Blog November 10th – Risen! The Musical -Is there a conflict between Science and Christianity ?” Part 12

“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow” from Risen! The Musical featuring The London Touring Cast filmed at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Still in Tears featuring Lucy Stimpson-Maynard from the albums Uplifted and His Story recorded by Bob Ross

This week I have another extract from the series “God Is” in “The Word for Today” written by Bob and Debbie Gass and published by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)

Let’s look at another miracle of God’s creative genius; the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is extremely inert- if it wasn’t we would all be poisoned by different forms of nitrous combinations. However because of its inertness, it’s impossible for us to get nitrogen to combine naturally with other things. But it’s definitely needed for plants in the ground, so what provision does God make for getting it out of the air and into the soil? Lighting! A hundred thousand lightning bolts strike our planet daily, creating a hundred million tons of useable nitrogen plant food in the soil every year.

Forty miles up there is a thin layer of ozone. If compressed it would be only a quarter of an inch thick, yet without it life would not be sustainable. Eight killer rays continually fall on our planet from the sun; without ozone we would be burned, blinded or boiled. The ultraviolet waves come in two forms; longer rays which are deadly and are screened out and shorter rays which are necessary for life on earth and are administered through the ozone layer. Furthermore, the most deadly of these rays are allowed through the ozone layer in a very limited amount, just enough to kill the green algae which otherwise would grow to fill the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world, No doubt about it we are totally dependent on God’s goodness.

Should soon have news of the new DVD of Risen! The Musical filmed at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.