Blog December 29th “Risen! The Musical DVD”

First I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas. Second just to let you know that you can now purchase the brand new DVD of Risen! The Musical on- line by visiting

Risen! The Musical was filmed at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth by Global Fire Creative (see blog of December Ist) and features the London Touring Cast who are ….. ..well please allow me to simply copy out the DVD credits as they also include all the wonderful technical crew, musicians, backing singers etc.

PJ, our brilliant Webmaster, myself and all at Mustard Seed Songs wish you a most happy and prosperous 2018.

Risen! The Musical

Produced by Mustard Seed Songs (registered charity no 1077618)

Written by Ken Shearsmith

Music composed by Ken Shearsmith and Joffy Girling

Directed by Ennio Ficiur

Choreography by Jodie May Quirke

Filmed by Global Creative

The London Touring Company

Jesus – Max Panks

Mary Mother of Jesus- Caroline Wetherelt

Mary Magdalene- Jodie May Quirke

Mary wife of Clopas – Lindsey Sarah Jane Preston

Mary sister of Lazarus and Martha – Claire Hutchinson

Martha sister of Lazarus and Mary- Katie Forge

John-Andrew Dovaston

James- Johnny Fitzharris

Peter- Benny Bright

Thomas – David Murray

Matthew- Joshua Yeardley

Cleopas and Philip – Craig Kenneth Smith

Cleopas’ friend and Andrew – Casey Lloyd

Simon the Zealot – Jamie Leeke

Nathaniel – Aaron Peart

James son of Alpheus – Aaron Hayes

Thaddeus – Adam Collins

Judas – Ennio Ficiur

Voice for Introduction – Alexander Knox

Technical Director -Adam Kemp@ Technical Services Ltd

Technical Team –

Lee Willis – Zach North, Jane Collins, Pete Daynes, Darren Ison, Andy Longley

Stage Manager -Doug Johnson

Cameramen – Ross Gill, Sascha Tucker, Frazer Hughes, Sam Aruwa

DVD audio editing – Joffy Girling

DVD visual editing – Ross Gill

Backing tracks recording and production   – Joffy Girling

Backing musicians:

Keys- Joffy Girling

Guitar- Joffy Girling, Gareth Matthews

Bass- Gareth Matthews, Greg Taplin

Drums- Josh Eaves

Violin – Kirsty Robinson. Liz Peskett

Viola- Ruth McGibben

Cello- Fiona Murphy

Trumpet- Stuart Fowler

Tuba- Matthew Watling

Saxophone- Rob Richardson, Tim Downs,

Clarinet- Tim Downs

Flute – Rob Richardson

Backing track vocals:

Lindsey Sarah Jane Preston, Rebecca Davis, Kelcie Black, Aaron Peart, Oswald Addo, David Murray

Duplicated by Sound Performance