Blog January 19th “You are the Maker- Funny Story !

You are the Maker – featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album “Love is the Way” recorded and produced by Bob Ross

In my last blog I finished with the thought that although life is sometimes bad that does not mean that God becomes bad- no He is always good- we just muddle God and life up. I was going to continue with that thought, but instead I have decided that it is time to lighten things up with a spot of humour. When I decided on this week’s featured song “You Are The Maker” I remembered a funny (well I think it is) story which I thought I would share. The heavy stuff can wait another week.

My mother, who became a Christian aged 102, was worried that as though history so many people have died there would not be enough room for her when it was her turn to go to heaven.

The father of two very good friends of mine died soon after she said this – let’s call him “Big Neil.” Now “Big Neil,” before he became a member of a school’s senior management, had been a teacher of handicraft (that is old speak for technology) He was also incredibly keen and most brilliant at DIY and could design, build and repair just about anything – electrics, plumbing, woodwork, brickwork, painting – the lot.

I wrote a letter of sympathy to “Big Neil’s” family and attempted to “add a lighter touch” by saying that I would now be able to reassure my mother that there was no longer any need to worry about a shortage of room for her in heaven as “Big Neil” had just turned up there and was going to build an extension.

Big Neil’s two sons decided that this would “add a lighter touch” to the tone of the funeral service and read that part of my letter out. It had the desired effect with everyone seeing the funny side and having a little smile and chuckle. So I was pleased with my small but important input. However my task was not yet finished; “Big Neil’s” sons wanted a song I had written played as the final song of the service-“ I Look Up To The Heavens” which is the first track of the album of the same name- in fact the first album released by Mustard Seed Songs. So I gave one of “Big Neil’s” sons a copy of the album telling him to ensure that it was the first track that should to be played. I thought it would be a nice gesture to also give him a copy of our second album “Love Is The Way.”

So I am sitting in a front pew in a position of prayer as the Vicar explains that while everyone are saying their last good byes to “Big Neil” a song written family friend, Ken Shearsmith is to be played. I am waiting in expectation for the opening chords of the rather reverent song “ I Look Up To The Heavens” but gasp in horror as I hear the up tempo start of “You Are The Maker.” They are playing the wrong track!! They are playing the first track of the album “Love Is The Way” not the first track of “I Look Up To The Heavens!” I want the earth to swallow me up. I keep my head down for as long as possible before realising that I have to leave and face the music (excuse the pun) To my surprise I am greeted with smiles and words of encouragement, even praise “Well done Ken -what a wonderful and most appropriate song for “Big Neil” – You Are The Maker – ideal words for such a brilliant Do it Yourselfer!! “