Blog November 9th – How to deal with bullying.

“We Are Hard Pressed” featuring Ross Gill and Helen Joy from the album “The Season of Singing” recorded and produced by Ross Gill

As Monty Python would say -“And now for something completely different.”

I have been reminiscing over the past few blogs on my experiences of the Alpha course and of re- affirming my baptism vows. Next week I will be talking about our exciting new CD “ How Great Are His Signs” recorded with the 30 strong Portsmouth University Gospel Choir who were finalists in BBC One’s “Pitch Battle” featuring Gareth Malone- with the choir singing with Seal. However I saw this video clip on Facebook and thought it would be great to share as it shows a fantastic way to overcome bullying and could, therefore be a great help to parents, teachers and of course anyone that has or is suffering the horrors of being bullied.

I am not writing that much this week – just leaving you time to watch the video which I am sure you will find helpful. One thing I will say, however is that I suffered a little bit of bullying while at school but I know many that had a really horrific time. Also while a teacher, I am afraid bullying was pretty much endemic. The standard strategy to combat it was to tell a teacher – which was wise advice but still had the problems of a) how effective the teacher was in dealing with the problem and b) the victim quite justifiably worrying that if they “told” then the bullying would get worse. The strategy dealt with in the video allows the potential victim to take control.