Blog August 23rd “Zucaroh”

I Look Up To Your Heavens – featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album “Precious” recorded and produced by Ross Gill

My wife Caroline and I have two tortoises called Frank and Betty (well we had to call them something!) What amazing creatures they are – like a link to prehistoric times. They eat weeds and that got me thinking about how amazing even a leaf is – each having its own DNA- then of course there is the fact that every single snowflake is unique. Looking up to the heavens (had to be today’s featured song title!) is also awe inspiring – seeing all the stars millions of light years away- and what about a sunset – no artist could paint such wonderful pictures.

You can probably guess where this is all going- yes all are testimony to the wonders of God’s creation. We as human beings are His greatest creation of course and sometimes I am reminded of that in what might best be described as “wow” moments. There have been many that I have enjoyed in the world of sport – for example one particular golf shot from Seve Ballesteros through a gap in the trees which only he could have imagined let alone pull off. Susan Boyle in that famous audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” where the audience, who were expecting rubbish, were soon on their feet wowed by her singing of “ I dream a dream” . Also on BGT was “Spellbound” who you may remember were an acrobatics gymnastic group – they won the show in 2010 and were absolutely stunning.

The other day Caroline showed me a clip of this group called “Zucaroh” saying that they were better than “Spellbound” – I thought “no way” but then I was so knocked out by yet another “wow” performance that I thought I must share it.

Quote for the week:

The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing or be nothing.

John Mason in The Word for Today