Blog August 30th Risen! The Musical with sub- titles in Spanish

Walking with Jesus – featuring the Mustard Seed Soul Band, from the album “Heart and Soul”, recorded and produced by Ross Gill

My good friend Alex-Emanuel Serban who works for the Romanian T.V channel Credo TV has just completed the Spanish sub titles for Risen! The Musical.  Many  thanks to Jaqueline Lamb and her son Rafi for so graciously translating the English script to Spanish.

So we have the original Risen! The Musical in English – a version with sub- titles in Romanian and now a version with sub- titles in Spanish. Alex is now in the process of creating a version with sub- titles in Mandarin.

I have purposely kept the blog text brief this week so that hopefully you will have time to take a look at the video.

If you could share any of the Risen! The Musical versions that would be great and very much appreciated.





Quote for the week:

The best way to break bad habits is to replace them with good ones

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