Blog January 17th “Jurgen Klopp”

Bathe Me In Your Light featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album I Look Up To The Heavens recorded and produced by John Hodgkinson

Back in December 2016 I wrote that the Liverpool F.C Manager, Jürgen Klopp is a Christian. His team are of course now leading the Premier League and so I thought I would share some extracts from an article which my old and dear friend Mick Mellows recently sent me:

Jürgen Klopp is one of the most prominent figures in the world of sport in his home country of Germany, but success in football is not the most important thing in his life. Klopp, born in Stuttgart said in an interview with BT Sports: “I’m Christian, I have to say, and I believe in God”. In another interview he said: “To be a believer, but not to want to talk about it – I do not know how it would work!” “If anyone asks me about my faith, I give information. Not because I claim to be any sort of missionary”. When I look at me and my life – and I take time for that every day – then I feel I am in sensationally good hands.” He continued. “And I find it a pity if other people lack this sense of security – although they don’t know it, of course, because otherwise they would probably look for it”. In this interview he also discussed the struggles of playing football on Sunday mornings, when he was still a teenager, and how he understood that there was plenty of time throughout the week to grow in the Christian faith. In yet another interview with the German media, Klopp said: “Jesus Christ is the most important person in history. For me, this is an easy answer”. He went on to explain why he believes in Christ. “This person comes into the world, and has a clear mission, which is not easy to accomplish at all”. “In the end of his life, he took all the sins on himself and was nailed on a cross”. This is why Jesus’ death on the Cross “was the greatest act that has never been achieved, because it changed everything”. “We don’t have to do it [pay for our sins] and this is a huge comfort”, he added.

Oh I nearly forgot- last week I said that I would write of how Mustard Seed songs were played at the Memorial Service of Rev. Selwyn Hughes, writer of Every Day With Jesus. Well basically Selwyn died in January 2006 and it was my great honour to have our songs played at his Memorial Service held at Central Hall, Westminster. Graeme Kendrick led the worship, Hugh Priddy sang “Here is Love” and one of the reflections on Selwyn’s life and ministry came from Mrs Fiona Castle.


Quote of the week:

God gave you the gift of memory to re-play the past and the gift of imagination to pre- play the future

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