Blog April 4th Risen! The Musical With Subtitles in English

Risen! The Musical with subtitles in English

Fresh off the press- Risen! The Musical with subtitles in English!

This has only been available for a few hours so readers of this blog should be the  first to have the opportunity to view!

My good friend Alex-Emanuel Şerban who works for Credo TV in Romania had already created subtitles for Risen! The Musical in Mandarin, Spanish and Romanian. They can be viewed together with the original English version, without subtitles via

Alex created the subtitles in English because a number of people suggested that it could help those who are hard of hearing,  those for whom English is not  their first language and  those who simply find it easier with subtitles to follow the storyline  and appreciate the lyrics.

So many thanks Alex for all your hard work.

And friends please have a listen – I do hope that you enjoy it.

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