Blog April 12th “Genna”

Bathe Me In Your Light featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album I Look Up To The Heavens recorded and produced by John Hodgkinson

Our gorgeous Labrador “Genna” is now 8 months old. My gorgeous wife Caroline had today’s featured video of Genna recorded in order to show her brother and sister in law, who now have a lovely 3 month old Lab called Bella.

Genna loves “training” with Caroline and it really is wonderful to see the increased bond between the two that comes from them spending time together.  The “training” is of course in no way a means by which Caroline tries to master or dominate Genna – letting her know whose Boss. No, Caroline knows that a lot of the commands she teaches Genna such as “wait” and “leave” will potentially keep Genna free from harm.  Genna may not realise that something she thinks will taste nice could in fact be poisonous or that a nasty car could hit her if she does not wait but rushes at something of interest on the other side of the road. Furthermore Genna loves being stimulated by learning new things and she loves pleasing Caroline. In turn Caroline loves spending time with Genna, seeing her become more obedient and more capable and as a result of the increased bonding their love for each other grows.

As I watched the two of them so obviously enjoying the “training” and the subsequent bonding I could not help but think that here was a bit of an analogy with God and our relationship with Him. Now of course I do not want to be in any way blasphemous and make comparisons which are in appropriate, however God does teach, guide and lead us to follow His commands and His ways – we are dependent on Him for everything – He does discipline us for our own good- He does know what is best for us – does tell us when to wait, when to come and when to leave. By responding to His voice we draw closer to Him, we bond with Him more and our  love for Him grows and grows..

Sometimes the simplest things in creation can teach us so much.

Quote of the week:

Jesus had to be man in order to die but God in order to save.

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