Blog May 23rd “Genna and Intelligent Design”

“Walking With Jesus” featuring The Mustard Seed Soul Band from the album “Heart and Soul” recorded and produced by Ross Gill

So Genna, our lovely Labrador is now 9 months old. Until about two weeks ago she was pretty well trained as you may have seen from the video I shared in the blog of April 12th. However when we were walking and she was off the lead trying to get her to come back (recall) when she wanted to play with other dogs was a nightmare—– and then she discovered that chasing after a ball was even more fun than chasing after other dogs (plus she was less likely to get bitten or told off my me!) So now as long as I have a ball in my pocket she is never far from my side- hardly interested in other dogs at all. I have to say it is great to watch her enjoy her walks, sniffing here and there and every so often looking back to check on me- it’s great for her and it’s great for me – a real bonding thing. I am not trying to make a far -fetched analogy but I did have this in mind when I chose today’s featured song “Walking with Jesus.”
Anyway as I have been out with Genna I have been amazed how the coordination of her four feet changes as she goes from walk to trot to canter to sprint ( I hope you click on today’s pic to see the different gaits of all quadrupeds.) Watching her again reminded me of the fact that there is no way that this beautiful animal could have been created by accident – she was obviously designed – by the Intelligent Designer who we could call God – and then I realised I had already posted a blog on this thought on December 13th 2018 and would be repeating myself. But then I thought “so what, it is important” so this next part is simply a repeat of what I believe to be true.
Anyway if there is a Designer who we could call God – it would be pretty amazing if we were able to get to know Him – even more amazing if He wanted to get to know us. But how could He do that? Would He not have to leave where He abides (let’s call it heaven) and come to earth? Now wouldn’t that be amazing – God coming to live with us – God with us – Emmanuel – yes that would be truly amazing! That would warrant a really big celebration and we could call it ….. Christmas!!
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