Blog January 30th Christopher Wickland Part Two

His story featuring the Mustard Seed Soul Band recorded and produced by Ross Gill

Back on December 12th of last year I wrote in this blog that Chris Wickland, the Senior Pastor at The Living Word Church, Fareham had been resuscitated after having been clinically dead for 15 minutes. I explained that Chris is a very good friend and a highly talented musician who played guitar in the “Mustard Seed Soul Band” which performed in Mustard Seeds’ first musical- “His Story” at the Kings Theatre, Southsea and Central Hall, Westminster London. (Title song is today’s featured track)
So it would appear that my blog initiated nationwide interest with articles following that described the event as a miracle- articles first in the Premier News, then national newspapers and more recently BBC’s South Today (I wonder if I should expect a fee ?) Only joking but it is great that the BBC were prepared to broadcast the true Christian faith of Chris and his family with the word “miracle” used on more than one occasion.
So it’s a brief blog text this week – so as to give you time to watch the video.
Quote of the week
I am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25)
Jesus of Nazareth