Blog May 6th Theophilus -The Musical – Demo Reel 1- “Music and Lyrics”

A few of weeks ago I said that Mustard Seed Songs’ current musical project is Theophilus -The Musical.
I have shared one of the songs featured in the Musical – “Amazing Love” sung by Luke and portrayed by West End actor Edward Baker- Duly. Last week I shared Demo Reel 2 which takes still images from Risen! The Musical to give an idea of what Theophilus -The Musical will look like on stage (it is planned to use the same “cross” stage set) This “demo reel” also features the song “He is the Image of the Invisible God” sung by Paul and taken from Colossians 1: 15-17.
This week it is the turn of Demo Reel 1 which features extracts of the music and lyrics.
I hope you enjoy it and agree that we have been blessed with some amazing singers

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