Blog 4th November – Dan Walker and Strictly

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I am probably in the minority when I say that I do not watch “Strictly Come Dancing”. I have watched it in the past and I think Craig Revel– Horwood and his “Disaster Darling” comment are brilliant but for me a lot of the dancers who do really well are trained dancers already.
However, Sports Commentator Dan Walker is definitely not a trained dancer and I am so pleased that he has not yet been eliminated. (I may not watch it but I still ask Caroline, my wife how Dan is doing)
Dan is a personal favourite of mine (as a commentator not dancer!) and featured in my blog of July 17th 2020- and here he is again as the focus of today’s blog. Why? Because like me he is not a Halloween fan. Here is the story, courtesy of Premier Christian Media, of why he did not dress up in “spooky clothes” as many of the other contestants (and jury) did.
Strictly Come Dancing contestant Dan Walker opted for silly over spooky on Saturday’s Halloween special, saying he doesn’t celebrate the occasion.
While most of the show’s stars embraced a scary theme in their performances, the Christian broadcaster danced a fishy jive with partner Nadiya Bychkova to the B-52’s ‘Rock Lobster’ in matching lobster costumes.
Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Walker explained that the Strictly team had made an exception for him and allowed him to avoid the Halloween theme due to his beliefs.
“So, we don’t celebrate Halloween in our house and I’ve got to say a huge thank you to Strictly because they enabled me to be a part of that programme without sort of doing Halloween.”
Walker went on to explain that he wanted to set a good example for his children by living by the standards he teaches them.
“And our kids, they would normally go to a light party on Halloween weekend or whenever that might be and I couldn’t go on that programme and be a disingenuous dad.
“Anybody who’s got children and they talk to their children about what they can do and what they can’t do and why they do things a certain way…
“And I can’t say, ‘Do as I say but not as I do’, so that’s where the lobsters came from.”
This is not the first time the BBC Breakfast host has made public stands for his faith. Early in his career he made a choice not to work on Sundays, something he has maintained to this day. He has also spoken out about his belief that God created the world, a view that has received some negative responses in the press.
Speaking to Premier, Walker explained that his ‘strong faith’ informs who he is and is integral to his existence.
Responding to media backlash he added: “I never mind what people write about me, or say about me, because, as a Christian, I don’t take my value from what people think about me. I know that I’m valued.”
Dan and Nadiya’s jive earned them a score of 27 from the judges on Saturday, putting them low on the leader board at number eight.

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