Blog November 26th Kes

What More Could You Do Lord? featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album Precious recorded and produced by Ross Gill

When delivering In Service Training to teachers and coaches I would often show a clip from the film “Kes.” Here the PE teacher famously takes a football lesson practicing just about everything that a teacher should not do (although I have to say there were times when I would join in with a 5 a side game as “George Best or Bobby Charlton!)
The acting of Brian Glover as the PE teacher is absolutely brilliant (I hope he was acting!) and I would have shared the clip before but I thought I would have to show the whole film. However, one of my all-conquering Testbourne School football team, Clive Wanless, shared this clip-on social media and it is priceless. BTW I say all conquering football team because that’s what they were! I was in my first year of teaching at Testbourne (then called Whitchurch School) and was given the job of “managing” the Year 1 (now Year 7) football team. I had the usual “trial” with about 50 turning up- each one apparently a centre forward. At the end of the session the Head of PE, George Garner, asked me what they were like- of course I had no experience of taking a team before so I simply said that they looked pretty good to me- I would just have to let them know that they could not all play centre forward.
Back then matches were played on Saturday mornings and we won our first game about 15- 0 and after discovering that this was not a fluke, as we won every local game by the same margin, we entered the Hampshire Cup and won that too. A great team indeed and I was so chuffed when a number of the team tracked me down which resulted in me having some great reminiscing phone calls to many of the team who are now located as far away as Australia.

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