Blog December 16th Brother Jack (again)


The Fire of Sacrifice featuring Lucy Stimpson- Maynard from the album Precious recorded and produced by Ross Gill

Nine days to Christmas- a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and also a time for families to enjoy being together- so last weekend I drove up to Hucknall to see the legend that is my brother Jack and his lovely wife Eileen. I wrote a blog about Jack in celebration of his 90th birthday back in June,2021
Driving up there were problems on the M40 and A43 with many diversions – I knew I was going to be late when I was diverted to “Hinton in the Hedges.” Now I had heard of places called “on the water” “on the moor” or “in the marsh” but “in the hedges” that had to be a first.
Anyway, I eventually got to my bros. Now our dad had been a gymnast and had taught Jack how to swing “Indian clubs.” Dad had not, however taught me (very wise was dad) but sometime previously Jack had kindly acquired two clubs in order for me to carry on the club swinging tradition. I found it totally impossible – more difficult than I could have ever imagined and much more difficult than a hole in one in golf!
Anyway, just out of interest I wanted to see if Jack still had the skill and so I took a video of him

I hope you agree his performance is fantastic, however not quite as good as his performance some fourteen years ago when he “club swung” to the whole of Village People’s YMCA at our mum’s 100 birthday party. This is the first of today’s featured videos – the second is of my cousin, Pete dancing with Eileen at the same birthday bash -not sure what Craig Revel- Horwood would have said but we all thought it was “Ama zing!

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